Friday, February 16, 2007

Oddaptation: The Carrot Seed

It's been a bit since I posted an Oddaptation, so for those running into their first, I hope you'll check the related links over to the right on the blog (collected under "The Oddaptations"). Basically, though, if you think of Cliff Notes or Spark Notes of picture books... but with attitude and rhyme... you're on the right track. Now, I know what you're thinking (and by "you," I mean at least one of you out there): the Carrot Seed is simple, shy on words, and really a wonderful book. Exactly true, and that, of course, makes it a perfect candidate for Oddapting.

by Ruth Krauss
Oddaptation by Gregory K.

Doubting mother.
Bratty brother.
Dad says, "No, son.
You won't grow one."
I've got same woe:
My kin? Lame-o.
Know what we need?
Family tree seed.

(And hey, it's Poetry Friday... and Kelly has collected the links!)


Kelly said...

Hah! Thanks, Greg :)

Anonymous said...

So funny.
I'm really chuckling over here...

Mary Lee said...

I LOVE these! Great to have a new one!

Anonymous said...

Very clever! Thanks for making me smile.