Monday, August 28, 2006

Yo, heave ho!

Tomorrow we finally get to start moving our library into its new home, having cleared space at last. The downside is that we've got some 150+ boxes of deadweight books and a ragtag band of volunteers to move 'em. At least I'm hoping some sort of band shows up, otherwise I'll be back tomorrow as GottaBadBack.

But I liked the pirate-esque title today, because I realize that my year of being a volunteer librarian has made me view this as a chance to, once again, uncover buried treasure. Those books in boxes... last year they made kids laugh, they made kids ask questions, they made me a better writer, they made me a better reader, they made me a volunteering nutcase, they made kids see connections, they helped build community, and those books helped kids learn to read.

So I'm looking forward to unburying some treasure tomorrow. I just wish the treasure was a helluva lot lighter....


Nancy said...

Ohhhhh. I was just starting to IM my buddy in LA to see if he could round up a volunteer or two... and then I realized you posted last night, so tomorrow... is today... and I'm too late to be helpful.

Hope it went well!

Anonymous said...

"Deadweight books"? Well, yeah, they're heavy but ... that's the kinda weight I wouldn't mind carrying around!

And I need to tellya ... there's more fibs out there: