Friday, August 04, 2006

Blogging the SCBWI Summer Conference (pt. 1)

Is this thing on?

Cool. Wireless in the lobby lets me dash on for a fast post.

What can you say about a morning that includes old friends, new friends, Jacqueline Woodson AND Mo Willems? how about "rocking!"

Quick highlights, since that's all there's time for, include Jacqueline Woodson's comment about herself when she's writing: "I work hard at not having doubt." Entertaining, inspiring, and thought provoking, she was a great leadoff speaker.

And it turns out she and Mo Willems know each other. Who knew? He was funny, as expected, as well as telling a pretty amazing life story to date. The highlight, I think, is when he lead the approximately 800 of us in a "draw the pigeon" exercise. Mine is available to view if you stop by and ask.

More as time allows, but there's another speaker about to go on, so I gotta book.

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