Monday, August 14, 2006

The week in preview.

Thanks, folks, for adding to the list in the post below (and to the folks who emailed me their suggestions but asked for me not to post 'em... awwwww, please can I post 'em?????). I'd like to see that list grow so that I can, uh, re-post it later on a day when I have no original thoughts!

Or maybe I should save this link for a day when I have nothing else to say. But then I wouldn't be sharing, and really, that's just not nice.

This week, I've realized, is the first week this summer that I can devote entirely to writing (and yes, blogging is writing). I have ludicrously big goals, comically egotistical belief that I'll achieve said goals, and an enormously large vat of iced coffee in the fridge. I don't see how I can fail.

Unless... hey, I haven't visited Babble in a few days! I gotta book.


Nancy said...

Fabulous link -- a great use of my time to watch twice and perhaps later a third time....

RE: Babble
Babble is evil. Babble will suck your life away and make you a stranger to your family and friends. By the way, what's your Babble name? Perhaps I'll see you there later.

Anonymous said...


Just dropping by to say that I'll be linking to your blog from mine. The fibs are delightful! I've long had an interest in syllabic verse forms; hence, I can't resist:

time and space.
Fibona-fide charm!
I click on 'Add to favorites.'

And one more, because I am very fond of your editor:

Arthur A. Levine,
a (sweet, nutty, and) smart cookie!

Very best wishes always. I'll be looking forward to reading your books. --Linda Sue Park

Greg Pincus said...

Err... I mean,
"Yawn. Typical day.
Award winner leaves a few Fibs...."

Thanks for the link, for stopping in, for the Fibs, and for your utterly remarkable writing.

Lisa Yee said...

Hey, FYI I've tagged you for a memememememe at!