Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to normalcy, such as it is

I sat down at 8:30 this morning with my yellow pad and started taking notes about what the speaker in front of me was saying. I wrote "you're my vehicle baby. I'll take you anywhere you want to go." I had trouble applying that to my writing life, though I suppose one could say the blank page was my vehicle. But the point is I realized that I was no longer conferencing but was listening to the radio as I ran errands. Sigh.

Later today or tomorrow, I'll go back through some of the notes I took to post here but never had time to do. For now, though, I wanted to give a shout out to the many folks I met at the Conference who said they'd head over and read my blog. Hi!

As I noted many times at the Conference, if you simply come to my blog today, you can't imagine how I got a book deal in large part cuz of this place. Don't get me wrong: those conference entries were charming and witty and chock full o' utterly useless stuff... but ya, there's nothing remarkable about them. And while this place has turned into a lovely community, that's true of so many other blogs out there.

The excitement on this blog really relates to pure Fibbishness, so I wanted to point to the links over to the right (inspired by illustrators this weekend, I insert a clever graphic: ---->). The links under The Fibs, particularly the posts The Fib, More Fibbery and Fibs are Fab, are the hubs of the excitement... and where nearly 1,000 Fibs reside in the comments. The Oddaptations and poems linked on the right are also something that I point people to, but again... Fibbery is the answer to just what the heck turned a sleepy kidlit blog into a book deal. Well, that and my dashing cyber looks. And some bribes.

I must say I'm also looking forward to checking out a bunch of new blogs myself, but for now, I gotta catch up on four days worth of regular life....


Anonymous said...

'... and my dashing cyber looks..'

Adonis ???
Cyberspatial looks ???
I think I'll wait to see his books !!

Disco Mermaids said...

Yo, Freep-Boy. So much fun this weekend! The highlight of the Conference was speaking with you at the Lisa Yee workshop. Boyfriend, you can charm a crowd...wow!!

Great hanging out with you. Hope to see you soon. And congrats, congrats, congrats on the well-deserved book deal. You're going to be HUGE, Dude!


Greg Pincus said...

MC -- cyberspatial!!!! Very nice.

And Eve... hanging with you was, as usual, a highlight-level good time.

As for being huge, if I continue to eat the full portions at the food court, that'll happen sooner rather than later! But thanks for the optimism. And Y'all three merfolk will be with me, of that I'm sure.

Don Tate II said...

So sorry that I missed that workshop. There was so much to choose from. Your performance at the SCBWIdol was top-notch. How brave you were to do that.

Rita said...

Who do we appreciate!!

Greeeeeeeggggggg PINCUS!!"

[Insane cheerleading kicks and jumps.]

Leslie and I are so sad we didn't get to do this at the SCBWIdol Finals. We had the signs and recruits all ready!


topangamaria said...

Rita, it sounds so
High School Musical.