Friday, August 18, 2006


So, with little time for blogging today (I know. I know. I'll speak to the folks in charge about that), I decided to add blogs to my blogroll (which is over to the right and down (--> and down in semi-rebus format)). Lotta great new blogs I discovered due to the SCBWI Conference and a few I was reading before, too.

Boy, there is such a wealth of information, conversation, and conviviality out there, it's almost mindboggling.

I'm particularly happy to add rhcrayon: The Blog! to the roll (EDIT: now with the link WORKING. Oops. My bad). Not just cuz there are pictures of me there which aren't embarrassing and not just cuz she's incredibly funny and talented, but mostly cuz her kinda semi-blog-coming-out was right here on GottaBook when we passed the laptop around at the Golden Kite lunch. Sure, she was blogging in private before, but I like to think it was after her appearance here that she knew it was time to unmask. Or something like that.

Anyway, my blogroll keeps growing, and one day, perhaps, I'll organize it again. But regardless, I highly recommend y'all go check out some great voices, particularly as I'll be somewhat scarce this weekend. Between the 'roll and the Carnival there's plenty of good stuff, so I've got no problem in saying that I gotta book.


Nancy said...

THANK YOU for the link!

alvinaling said...

Yes, double thanks for the links! I myself have no idea how to add links to the side of my blog, which is why I don't have any.

tem2 said...

Yay, blogroll!

Anonymous said...

:D :D :D


(translation: Thanks, Greg!!!)