Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A search... Haiku?

Those of us addicted to all things about our blogs are occasionally known to discuss how folks have found us. I've posted search Fibs from time to time, just cuz I can. Of course, there's little poetic I can do with three of the search terms that've brought folks here that I find totally without splic (as in, inexplicable):

Places in Brooklyn that keep parties that can hold approximately 300 people

Little children use bar soap to wash your hands while eating bread*

And one that will bring a tear to all my bookseller/librarian pals...

Books where I don't know the title or author and vague idea what it's about

Now, I can only imagine the frustration/confusion for all those folks when they ended up here in GottaBookland (and, in the case of the last one, there was likely already confusion/frustration). However, the next person who enters the following (which I have broken up in three lines as I'm sure was the intent of the first searcher who got here this way) will get a good answer. Haiku:

Some five syllables
Another seven go here
Finish with five more

I'm off to find papers lost on the desk o'plenty, so I gotta book and do a real search. Until then, tip o' the cap to the algorithm designers at Google, MSN, and Yahoo for keeping us all on our toes....

* TWICE!!!!!


Anonymous said...


These search terms crack me up!!

I'm going to start typing the most bizarre search terms I can think of and clicking the links, just to give those hapless Site owners happy days.

(That's probably as much cheating as leaving pennies on the ground for strangers. But still!)

If I can just finagle which Sites the searches actually produce, it'll be a whole new way to say Hi!

Lisa Yee said...

The lost papers are over there. By the trash can, to the left next to the candy bar wrapper.

Greg Pincus said...

Thanks, Lisa. You were correct.