Monday, October 09, 2006

Yes! Yes!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Won't you head over to the Disco Mermaids so you can wish Mermaid Jay (a Hot Man of children's literature) a big, fat, sloppy, mega-huge CONGRATULATIONS? Why, you ask?

JAY'S GOT A BOOK DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (okay... a TWO book deal)

I am sooooooo thrilled for Jay. He's incredibly talented, of course, but beyond that, in every single way I can come up with, he's totally deserving of this. And I'm not just saying that because his legs truly shine in fishnets.

So get outta here. Go cheer for Jay, already. But save a little energy, because I'm sure Eve and Robin, also incredibly talented, funny, nice, and with legs that shine in fishnets, won't be far behind.

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Lisa Yee said...

Of course, we know the real reason why he got the deal.

It's because he knows us!!! (Okay, that and because he's talented and deserves it.)