Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Links and more links, I tell ya.

The Eighth Carnival of Children's Literature is up at Michele's Scholar's Blog. Once again, there's great stuff to be found by clicking those links.

Also, why not journey over to this post at Journey Woman and enter a contest with, gasp, some prizes? Or just go read the post for fun, since the contest is about the best passages from children's literature, and there's some fine stuff posted.

And don't forget my post right below this one, asking "Why write for kids?" I've read some interesting replies in the comments and in my mail, but there's a lotta lurkers hereabouts I'd love to see speak up.

Plus "BOO!!!" and happy Halloween to you all.

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Nancy said...

Thanks Greg!

By the way, as I've not officially written enough to qualify to answer your question, I haven't answered your question. But I've been fascinated by the answers.

And I'm no expert, but it seems to me that part of why I would write for children is because when the book is there in my head waiting to be written, the reader I have in mind for that book is a child. I have two different books kicking around in my head (well, a dozen, but two front and center) and one I'm creating for a child reader (an 8-year-old girl with a sense of humor and a little too much sarcasm I think, though I haven't worked that out entirely) and the other I'm creating for an adult.

Does that make any sense?