Monday, October 02, 2006

Breaking out the good stuff...

Have you ever felt like you needed a little extra boost in your writing? I am at that point, so I've pulled out the heavy ammo -- a candle purchased years and years ago in New Orleans full of magick dedicated to "The Spirit of Writing". How can something like that fail me? I know. I know. It can't. I'm emailing my editor RIGHT NOW! THIS IS IN THE BAG!

Then again, that same trip I returned with a potion called "Other Lawyer Be Stupid" which I gave to my then entertainment attorney. I can safely say that my subsequent deal looked enough like my prior one to make me doubt the efficacy of said magic. Though later in his career, he made a truly remarkable deal, so perhaps he had just saved it til then? Hmmm.

Regardless, I'm sure this purple, dusty bit o' magick will do the trick, so I plan to pull an allnighter. If not, well, I can already tell you that it's a lovely grapish smell, and that's not so bad either. Now outta my way... it's time to write!

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