Sunday, October 15, 2006

Catching up

Well, catching up is a bit optimistic. How about "here's a few things I've missed yakking about this week cuz I was busy but now I have a few Sunday-morning-moments to type 'em up."? Yes, that's more like it.

My Halloween-themed Book Talk is up at

BookBuds is back blogging bigtime and is celebrating the re-launch with a contest! I hesitate to send you this way since I'd like to win since the prize is a book that I'd really like our school library to have... but is way beyond our budget. But go ahead anyway and try and take a book out of the hands of a bunch of wonderful elementary school kids.

Here's another book-prized contest (and nice new blog) to check out, but know that you only have til midnight CST tonight for the contest. The blog will remain long after midnight, I hope.

And then finally, the joy didn't stop at the DiscoMermaids when Jay announced his book deal. I think, in fact, the joy began. Go on over there and read this series of posts with pictures to see what happiness, sharing, friendship, family, dreams coming true, and love are all about: one two three four.


MotherReader said...

I use Hallow-wiener every year for one of my storytimes, or at my daughters school. And that new Arminta Spooky book was funny and Halloweeny. (Halloweeny is a word, right?) Good choices.

Lisa Yee said...

Hey, I didn't know about your Book Talks. Cool!

Do you do movie reviews, too?