Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This and that, poetically

I actually took a wee bit of time off from all other projects the other night to simply sit and write poetry. It was great, and I came up with... NOTHING of note! But that wasn't really the point. It was time to clear the brain and do something just for moi. Still, I admit I had hoped to come up with dozens of new poems to put on the blog. Instead of that, though, I think tomorrow I'll toss up what is now the most-requested-title-to-be-Oddapted (MRTTBO as it's called around here), and then find something seasonal for Poetry Friday to keep up with my poetry jonesing.

And if you're feeling the poetry thang, why not head over to the Blue Rose Girls for two (ONE and TWO) posts on children's poetry? Interesting reading. So go there and share your thoughts... or just go on out get some kids a'reading poetry.

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