Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What's new in the land of Fibs?

What a great question. Thanks for asking.

I have to say that I'm continually surprised to see Fibs popping up on the web (and elsewhere). Examples, I hear you (and by you I mean someone who reallllllly cares) cry. Well, then, sometimes it's Fibs in an online magazine. Perhaps you'd prefer Fibs factoring in as a clue in The Schoenberg Code, a now-complete 12 part classical music parody of the DaVinci Code? And then there's a completed contest at Kenyon College. Fine Fibbery all around.

There's more Fibs to be found, but for those who enjoy writing them (or haiku, etc.), what about a syllable counter? A handy online tool indeed, though it clearly doesn't account for accents and personally quirky pronunciations.

And finally in Fibville... why not click here and e-mail me to join the Fib mailing list? Sure, you get MOST of the news here, but as the 14 Fabulous Fibs moves from a notion to an idea to a manuscript to a book, there'll likely be bits of tid that'll be email only. So feel free to sign up now, as it's never too early to get started. (Editor's note: that "too early" comment does NOT refer to mornings but was deeper and more philosophical. Any time before, say, 9 AM, is too early. For anything, really. Even with coffee.)

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Anonymous said...

You've just mentioned haiku again. Don't believe you've ever mentioned sijo.......sigh