Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Sporadic Season

You may or may not see a dropoff in blog posts over the next short spell. It's vacation time in the land of GottaBook, though it's not as if I'm going to be where the Net don't shine. Whether I avail myself of the Net daily or not remains to be seen... though it's already well known that I do face a certain level of blogaddiction.

We can also view this as a test, since I'm bringing some 14 Fabulous Fibs work with me. Will I work or blog? Will I find ways to procrastinate on vacation? Is that an oxymoron? Tune in tomorrow (or in a day or two) and maybe I'll try and answer. But now it's time to pack, so I gotta book.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck working, or blogging, or whichever you prefer. I was without email address for almost 2 weeks recently, and found it surprisingly difficult to get back into the swing of things. But I'm happy to be back now. Have fun!