Sunday, July 16, 2006

Egrets. I've seen a few...

... but then again, too few to mention. Or at leat too few to make the body of a blog post, as clearly I mentioned them....

So far, the laptop battery has not powered down, but that's more to do with the exhaustion created by a full day on the beach than it is by tremendous advances in battery technology. Today, braving thunder and lightning, your intredpid gottabooker moseyed over to the one place in town with a high speed wireless network so I could try and catch up on some of the e-mail that's piled up and try to read the folks on my blogroll. I'm having withdrawal! However, vacation efficiency levels being what they are, I got through about half of what I'd intended before realizing I needed to post this and hurry off to join others for a Southern Fried Fish Fiesta (TM pending). By the way, yesterday, to continue the food theme, I had a cheeseburger at a place dubbed by Emeril as having the best cheeseburger in America. How can you beat that?

I admit I have been inspired to pull out the yellow pad a few times at odd moments, jotting notes for the 14 Fabulous Fibs, scribbling the bones of a couple poems, and even outlining a still-vague idea for a new picturebook. And heck, by the time I return home and get to the SCBWI Annual, I should have a tan that'll make me rival Adonis. You know, if Adonis was kinda pale, needed a shave, could exercise more, and wasn't quite as tall as he is usually pictured.

Fresh fried fish awaits, so I gotta book.

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Disco Mermaids said...

’ello, Gregory, ol’ chap. Due to your brilliant relationship with Master Levine, might you be in the position to find me a bloody role in the forthcoming ’arry Potter movie?


- Jay