Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hard Work

You can tell the weather is turning to summer when even outlining on a yellow pad causes you to break into a sweat. And I'm not talking about a nervous "will I ever break the story???" sweat. It's just hot enough that it feels like manual labor.

I have been silent hereabouts cuz I'm in heavy work mode, and that's all good, but I truly do have withdrawal symptoms. I can't even imagine what'll happen when I take a vacation!

Hope those who get a long weekend enjoy it....


Anonymous said...

Working hard
this summer!
Sweat-drenched yellow pad...
but are there any words inscribed ??

Anonymous said...

PS....don't know how that "h" intruded!!

Anonymous said...

Faun in my back yard the other morning....Could not have been more than a few hours old. Sat peacefully in the same spot most of the day - all alone. But quite alert, and not at all concerned over my close approach. Would love to post a pic........but my computer "skills" hardly up to that task.

New life
steps gently
forward in the day,
and starts the voyage unafraid....

Anonymous said...

PPS: Difficult counting all the way up to three!
Necessary revision:

Too bad..
hard at work!
Sweat-drenched tellow pad.....
but are there any words inecribed ??

Alpine blog :) said...

Great! I'm impressive Alpinka