Monday, July 24, 2006

Power. I need more power!

I was in the middle of a fine old post... about 5 hours ago when the power went off. I'm not really complaining, as there are folks out there with far bigger power problems than what happened here. I merely mention it now cuz it's too late for me to finish up the earlier post. Not "too late, chance missed" but literally too close to a reasonable bedtime.

I am reminded, however, of one of the greatest writing lessons of my life. And what's that, you all ask in unison? Well, one day I lost a HUGE amount of a complex screenplay rewrite because the power went out (only for five minutes, to add insult to injury). I had no universal power supply that woulda given me time to save. I didn't save on a regular basis (and this was before OS X or Word's auto-backup function or any such). Power strip? Yup. So there was no damage, other than psychological. Now I set auto-saves, and I have a great UPS... and I was able to save my post in progress today but it'll be just as good tomorrow when I don't have to deal with coolers full of ice and food.

In fact, the kitchen awaits, so I gotta book.

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