Friday, July 14, 2006


Now, I know full well that time measurements are not variables: a second is a second, a minute is a minute, and an hour is an hour. I get it. But let me state unequivocably that time bends when one is stuck waiting at an airport. I'm not talking the first hour delay. That's not so bad. The second hour? Dealable. By the third hour, there's little question that time is beginning to move at a new pace. When your flight is then cancelled, time stands still for a moment... then when you ultimately get rebooked hours later, there's kinda a weird time-standing-still effect. Then, after 8 hours as you wait for "the pilot and flight crew to land" from points unknown, thus delaying your rebooked flight... well, there's NO question that a second is lengthy, a minute is endless, and an hour is simply longer than an hour spent undergoing root canal.

On the plus side... well, actually, there was no real plus side there.

But a night of sleep and a beach nearby and all is forgotten. I hope to spend time this coming week overlooking the ocean and writing. Yes, there's chocolate around, no high-speed access (so apologies for unanswered email, if any), and sunsets, so if that's not a recipe for success, I don't know what is. Time will return to its normal pace, perhaps passing slower in a good way, and if nothing else, I'll find out how long this laptop battery will last with screen open and operator staring at the water. As I said, it's all about research (except for time in airports).


Anonymous said...

tick away!!
Planes refuse to fly.
Airports lose their fascination !!

Anonymous said...

PS...Defeated again by the oddities of computer technology....Don't know how that "word verification" jumble- glxtr - made its way into my beautiful Fib!!

Anonymous said...

PPS...Another defeat!!..That was NOT from "anonymous".....but from me...MC!!