Sunday, March 12, 2006


One of the great things about Los Angeles is that you can drive an hour and experience a complete change of pace (assuming you don’t experience an hour of traffic). Today’s change was a trip to the snow. Okay, it took 70 minutes. Speak to the blog’s lawyers if you’ve got a problem with my “hour” turn of phrase. Anyway, we ended up in a small yard covered with enough snow that we could make an eight inch tall snowman, and we had a snowball fight as gorgeous new snow fell all over us.

I don’t share this story to make my readers from the Northeast laugh at us pathetic Angelenos, but rather to refresh that feeling of being totally transported out of the norm. That’s what I have to remind myself to aim for in my writing – creating that feeling of wonder you get from experiencing something that’s out of your normal experience, or in the case of one of us today… something that you’ve never experienced before.

For me tonight, "out of the normal" is gonna be defined as getting out of my desk chair and getting a good night's sleep. So with that, I gotta book.

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