Thursday, March 09, 2006


After library days, I'm often struck by the number of generous people who enabled us to have a great, stocked, working library when we opened our doors. It's too long a list to detail (though some links are off on the side of the blog), but what has become clear to me is that the desire to help kids learn/continue reading crosses all political party lines, all races, and all ecomonic classes. That's a good thing. Anyway, thanks in this sorta public place to all who helped.

Along those lines, for any of my LA readers, I urge you to check out the Wonder of Reading's fundraiser on March 12th. Lots of great authors appearing, and a totally, utterly worthy cause (though, I'd add, not one who has been able to work with us yet!).

Oh, and I was right: I heard cheers today. That's gotta be good -- kids cheering for a BOOK.


Anonymous said...

I think that kids cheering for a book is GREAT! Thanks also for sharing the link about the Wonder of Reading fundraiser. I'm not actually in LA, but I love their mission ("to inspire in children the love of reading"). Thanks!

Greg Pincus said...

The Wonder of Reading actually FULFILLS their mission, too. As I said, they can't help our particular school (we're in a temporary location, and their libraries are permanent), and as it turns out, we don't really need them. But they go in to schools and do incredible things, and now that I've seen the power of what happens when kids love a library, well... a year ago it meant nothing to me, but now I say "support these people!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Gregory,

You inspired me to start a state-by-state listing of programs that give books to kids. Thanks for the feedback! I wrote about my new list, and your feedback, here. Thanks!