Monday, March 13, 2006

Rhyme's no crhyme

Editors are often heard to say, “Don’t write like Seuss,” a comment that’s so broad that at first blush it’s not much use. Still, if I can parse it, I don’t think they’re slamming rhyme, as every house will publish books in verse from time to time. It doesn’t speak to story as no matter how one’s told -- in prose or verse -- the story must be polished up like gold. Instead, I think the meaning of the quote is nothing new: don’t channel other writers if it kills your point of view. Put a slightly different way: to rhyme’s a valid choice… but you just can’t tell YOUR story using Dr. Seuss’s voice.

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Totally sweet.

I mean that in the hip hop way, though I suppose you could take that the gooey way, too.