Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Miss me?

I didn't post yesterday, and I'm sure my legions of fans were outraged. Again, the blog lawyer can be consulted if you have an issue....

I've largely taken the last five weeks off from my usual library shifts (which is why I'm only covering two classes now) as we've had some wonderful AmeriCorps*NCCC team members covering shifts. Oh, and SPINE LABELING the library so we're no longer operating on the Huey, Louie, and Dewey Decimal system! Hooray! Now, I certainly needed the time off, but I've also realized how much of a part of the kid's school lives I've become (not to mention their effect on me). It's great, really -- they view me as part of the school, but I never have to discipline or give 'em homework or anything. I just read cool stories, find 'em great books, and try and make it as fun as possible to be in a library. It astounds me how kids run up and tell me about a book they read since I've been gone... or ask me to read with them in the three minutes they have... or how they just want to say hello. As one who prides himself on rarely leaving his desk chair, let alone his home, it's quite eye-opening. You should all adopt a class or two somewhere so you can see what I mean.

I bring this up in part cuz I think the "tone" in the library is great and has been from the start, but I still seem to be blogging with an earnestness/seriousness not befitting my position as a wanna-be clown. I hope to find my tone here, too, but even as I work on that, I must say I'm enjoying the blogosphere.

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