Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A month...

Well, whatta ya know... I've been blogging a month.

What have I learned? Gee, thanks for asking!

Not much, really. I've learned that I like the community of bloggers. I like having some place to write each day, but... well... duh. I've learned that people actually do click "read next blog" and "check most recently updated blog" -- two things that I have never done. I've reminded myself that some days I really don't have much to say, but that's certainly not new knowledge. I've proven that I have no fear of posting poetry, but again, nothing new. I've learned some HTML. And I've learned that right now, my traffic isn't gonna change drastically if I post something brilliant or simply okay. In time, I suspect that will change, but for now... no. And I've proven (and learned) that I can do this without making it a time-suck.

So a lot of affirmations but little key knowledge. That's okay, though. I wasn't blogging to learn. I was blogging to... well... honestly? To blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,

A belated happy one-month birthday! I'm at a bit over 3 months myself, and I'm certainly with you on liking the community of bloggers. Have a great weekend!