Monday, April 08, 2013

Jill Corcoran - Sing it Loud

Sing it Loud
Jill Corcoran

Sing it loud. Sing it clear.
National Poetry Month is here.

Sing it loud. Sing it clear.
National Poetry Month is here.

Do not write a boring poem.
Write about a front lawn gnome.
Write about your Uncle Nick.
Write about your favorite flick.
Write about a your best friend’s burp.
Write about the way you slurp.
Write about a painful itch.
Write about your left eye twitch.

Let your spirit swing and soar.
Let your mind float out the door.
Free your voice to laugh and seethe.
Feel your poem begin to breathe.

Sing it loud. Sing it clear.
National Poetry Month is here.

©Jill Corcoran. All rights reserved.

Yeah! What Jill Corcoran said! Go on... do all that. Or some of that. At least take heed of line five and do not write a boring poem. Yeah. That. But most of all... go on and write!

Longtime GottaBook readers probably know that I have a "thing" for poems about poetry and writing (and poems about Poetry Month, too), so I was quite happy to see Sing it Loud come my way. I love the playfulness... the permission it grants... the inspiration it gives... and the call to action, too. I read it, and I wanna write, and that is awesome.

I was also quite happy to see the anthology that Jill edited (and wrote a poem for) Dare to Dream... Change the World come out last year and receive some great recognition. The book is full of poems about real people who inspire, written by fabulous poets, and it's sure to inspire kids who read it. Notice a theme? Jill's inspiring... and that's just one reason I'm excited to have her here today as part of 30 Poets/30 Days.

Yesterday, Tamera Will Wissinger introduced us to The Judge of Fudge. Tomorrow... Robert Schechter reveals a case of Mistaken Identity! For more on 30 Poets/30 Days and ways to follow along, please click here.


BookChook said...

I love how this is a rallying cry and call to action! Jill wants to make poets of us all.

laurasalas said...

Yes! Feel it begin to breathe! Terrific:>)

debbie said...


(did you hear that?)

Yummers! said...

Love it!
What a great poem for teachers to use in the classroom, and have the kids add lines to it. They could write their line on the bottom of a piece of light-colored construction paper and illustrate it. Put all the pages together with rings and chant it as a class. Then it can sit proudly in the classrom library corner. The ownership is great for reluctant readers. ~Joni

Heidi Mordhorst said...

This does make me want to stand up and write! And I love the combination of seethe and breathe. I hope my poems do both, for sure. Thanks, Jill and Greg.

To all who are enjoying the number 30, stop by to suggest a word for my 30days30words collaborative, crowd-sourced poem:

tanita✿davis said...

THIS is fun.

bookkm said...

Is there room out there for a poem about nose picking? I bet there is.

Charles Waters said...

Can't wait to read DARE TO DREAM. Can't wait to someday meet Jill and thank her for poetic contributions!