Friday, March 23, 2012

Wake Up Call - a coffee poem

Wake Up Call
Greg Pincus

Earlier this morning
I was droopy, draggy, tired,
Then I drank my daddy’s coffee –
Now I’m wired, wired, wired.

“Do that again,” my father said
(I skittered, jittered, bounded),
“You’ll be like past tense coffee beans –
Grounded, grounded, grounded!”

The above was my poem from the round of 64 in Ed DeCaria's March Poetry Madness in which I had to write a poem using the word "wired." The Madness is still going on, and you can vote for the poems in the round of 16 right now. (My own match-up is against the fabulous Susan Taylor Brown, where sometime later today, you'll see us battle "impaled" vs. "truce" (and how many times have you been able to say that???).)

The Poetry Friday roundup is over at A Year of Reading (where co-host Mary Lee Hahn, still alive and kicking in the Madness, shares one of her fab poems). Why not check out all the poetry goodies today?

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Linda B said...

It's a great poem, Greg-maybe should be posted by the coffee pot! Good luck in the madness this afternoon. I'll look for you! And no, I've never been able to say that sentence.

Doraine said...

I voted for this one, yep.

Barbara Daniels said...

A witty and amusing poem making an everyday experience different: from another poet at: Lancashire to Monmouthshire: a poet's journey