Friday, March 30, 2012

Rise to the Epic Challenge (This Means War) - an acrostic poem, a battle poem

Rise to the Epic Challenge (This Means War)
Greg Pincus

The battle lines are clearly drawn.
How brave we stand. How unafraid.
I know before the next day’s dawn
Sweet songs shall speak of heroes made.
My fellow men are by my side,
Each one but part of our great whole.
A truce we offered up – denied!
Now victory’s our goal.
Sudden cheers! Oh, startling noise!
With tension high, we must begin…
A kickball game! Girls challenge boys.
Rise up! (And please let us boys win.)

The above was my third round entry in Ed DeCaria's March Poetry Madness. My assigned word was "truce" and how I ended up here is truly anyone's guess! I'm still alive and kicking over there with a poem due tomorrow morning in the Final Four. Fun times, and so many amazing poems written by so many. I hope you've been following along!

The Poetry Friday roundup is over at my juicy jittle universe today (well, it's actually Heidi Mordhorst's universe, not mine!). Head on over for more poetry fun.

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violet said...

Your poems were a March Madness delight, Greg. You snagged my vote(s)! said...


tanita✿davis said...

This was one of my faves, simply because I felt like this about soccer in the 5-7th grade -- and I still have the notch in my shinbone to tell the tale. It really WAS war. It was awesome.

Linda B said...

Says what every boy wants, right? Not to lose to a girl. It's a great poem, Greg & best of luck in the final four!

Robyn Hood Black said...

Congrats on another great poem and on staying alive in the MM fray! Happy Poetry Month.

Greg Pincus said...

Thanks, y'all! Much appreciated. And yes, Tanita... it sure felt like serious stuff!

Mary Lee said...

Someday I want to be able to write an acrostic that rhymes!