Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things to Say to Your Younger Sibling - a family poem, a sibling poem

Things to Say to Your Younger Sibling
Greg Pincus

Candy’s legal to steal.
Yes, zombies are real.
Dad said I’m in charge.
Your cookie’s too large.
Of course, I won’t tell.
You tripped? No. You fell.
Bird poop’s nutritious.
Mom’s meatloaf’s delicious.
Oops. My fist slipped.
Fell? I was tripped!
Oh, no! You’ve been cursed!
Looks safe. You go first.
Sooooooo sorry you lost.
My fingers were crossed.

This poem actually came from one of my prompts at March Poetry Madness... though you won't find the "prompting word" in it. Can you guess which one? Anyway, it never worked in well, though I quite liked the poem! Voting for many poems is ongoing at The Madness - right now including my own poem in epic poetic battle with a pantoum! Good stuff. I hope you'll check it all out.

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Sandy Brehl said...

As the "younger" sib in this scenario I can assure you I heard every one of these "rules" and bought them all! Ah, the good old days.
Happy the competition allowed you to generate this and that you shared it- I like it a lot!

Greg Pincus said...

I'm actually the younger sibling, too, so read into that what you may :-) (Nah... I'm kidding, bro!). I've found the Madness has been highly inspirational, actually - both from the prompts and reading all the amazing stuff the other poets are writing - and over time I'll be sharing more of what I came up with cuz of it. Good times!

Ed DeCaria said...

Gotta go with: 4-manipulate (for obvious reasons), 5-shenanigans (such games you play!), or 16-psychoanalysis (for what you, or your brother, would need after all of this). Could be a few others but those jump to mind.