Friday, March 09, 2012

No Poem Today (a poem)

No Poem Today (a poem)
Greg Pincus

No poem today.
Now, go away.
I’ve got nothing to share.
My empty words
Are for the birds,
And I don’t even care.
If I had time
Perhaps I'd rhyme
Or write a new haiku.
But I don’t.
So I won’t.
My words are stuck like glue.

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Joy said...


I'm sorry you're down
and feeling blue
and so over stressed
words aren't working for you.
I like to read
the poems you write.
They make me laugh
and feel less up-tight.
So thanks for the poem
it's just what I need.
The Rx for you
is a Poetry Read.

Have a great Friday and super weekend. Thanks for the fun poem.

Greg Pincus said...

You're welcome. And thank you. Or put another way...

When words do not come
And all things annoy...
A comment like yours
Fills the day with Joy.

Linda B said...

How can I top these comments true?
I'm not sure at what I should do.
And so I'll end this terrible rhyme
Wishing words for you to use NEXT time.

Mary Lee said...

Ok, I'll leave.
But I'll be back.
Great poems are something
you don't often lack.

Ruth said...

You say no poem, and yet you post one;
Do you say no party, and then host one?
Are you trying to lower our expectations
And then surprise us with your creations?

Amy LV said...

I hope your words
will come unstuck.
I wish you lots
of writing luck.
May you dig
out of the muck.
And take off
in a poem truck!

Oh, Greg. I know this feeling! Thanks for writing even if you really DID feel stuck! a.