Friday, November 13, 2009

The Lament of Thursday the 12th (a poem) and the Poetry Friday Roundup!

The Poetry Friday roundup is here today! Amazingly enough (to me), this is my first time hosting despite participating for... well... a long time. If you leave a link to your Poetry Friday post in the comments, I'll add you to the roundup below.

First, however, I want to start with my own contribution to the festivities, an original poem from the point of view of... a day!

The Lament of Thursday the 12th
Gregory K.

It just isn’t fair.
I want fans. I want fame!
Yet no one reacts when I call out my name.
Folks always look past me.
That’s so wrong. I exist!
I feel like a baby who’s never been kissed.
Now each time I’m here
My whole day’s full of sorrow,
Because of one fact: I’m today, not tomorrow.

And now, with no further ado, let's see what else is going on on this wonderful Poetry Friday:

Over at A Year of Reading, Mary Lee is up with a rictameter and two book reviews. Yes, I said a rictameter.

Melissa at windspirit_girl shares a visual poem called Grace I: Through. This is the first in a series, so be sure to check back there for more.

At The Write Sisters, Diane has posted two cinquains (or is the plural cinquain?) AND shares the rules of the form, including some variations.

Head over to Kurious Kitty's Kurio Kabinet to find Lewis Carroll's advice to an aspiring poet in Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur

The tireless and talented Elaine gives us multiple fun this week: original double dactyls (about characters from children's books and fairytales) at Wild Rose Reader; light verse by Arthur Guiterman at Blue Rose Girls; three new posts at Political Verses - Driving Drunk: A Short Poem about Mary Strey, A Dead Rabbit Toss Competition Poem, and Making the Grade.

At Across the Page, Janet has a review of Elizabeth Spires The Mouse of Amherst. It's a children's introduction to Emily Dickinson... or for adults who've missed her, I say!

Julie Larios posts an original rictameter over at the Drift Record. She also expresses desire for a pictured hat... and who can blame her?

Swine Flu with Asthma is the name of the original rictameter posted by Andromeda Jazmon on a wrung sponge. And it's about her son who, yay, has now beaten the flu.

Is this a new form - the definito? Check out Heidi Mordhorst's poems at My Juicy Little Universe.

Laura Salas treats us thrice: Bear Attack (an original) and Shoal of Sharks (by Richard O'Connell) and the prompt/roundup for 15 Words or Less Poetry, held weekly at her blog.

Liz Garton Scanlon features Susan Taylor Brown's Hugging the Rock over at Liz in Ink. (Oooh, if Susan were to feature Liz on her blog, that'd be soooo cool and circular!)

Diane Mayr features Amy Lowell's On Carpaccio's Picture (and the picture that inspired the verse) at the fabulously-named Random Noodling.

At The Miss Rumphius Effect, Tricia posts a raft of rictameters (she was the inspiration for them all!) as well as Malachi Black's Sifting in the Afternoon.

Kelly Fineman treats us to an excerpt of T.S. Eliot's Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock at her Writing and Ruminating blog.

At Read Write Believe, Sara Lewis Homes offers up an antidote to "no" with Kaylin Haught's God Says Yes to Me.

Linda has a review of Wendy Mass' Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall up atWrite Time.

The Shelf Elf gives us Carl Sandburg's Choose (a poem I had actually just re-run into this week, too).

At Teaching Authors, April Halprin Wayland has an original poem and lesson ideas about Food and Fiction. Yum!

Jama Rattigan's alphabet soup lets us savor Ching Yeung Russell's Tofu Quilt. Again... yum!

Author Amok celebrates the re-issue of Paint Me a Poem by Justine Ransom. It's a fabulous book, y'all.

Mother Reader thinks she's pushing the limits of Poetry Friday with her post today. I disagree. You be the judge!

Jone's got a book review and an original rictameter for us this week for a fun double play.

Martha Calderaro explores the new Poetry Speaks site - a combination social network and poetry market place from Sourcebooks and friends.

Charles Ghigna (aka Father Goose) notes "Style isn't how you write. It's how you do not write like anyone else." in his post On Writing: A Mini-Lecture. Poets... heck, all writers... head on over for a good read.

At There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town, Ruth shares Walter de la Mare's November. How fitting!

Lisa in Little Rock share's poet Dave Johnson's Cheating. Not a poem for kids, perhaps, but fine poetry indeed.

Sylvia Vardell features Lee Bennett Hopkins at Poetry For Children. Actually, it's not just Lee, but her discovery of the process and materials that led to one of his anthologies being published. It's a great read.

At bookstogether, Anamaria also, yet differently, posts about Paint Me a Poem: Poems Inspired by Masterpieces of Art. See... I'm not the only one who loves this book.

An original poem, I'm not this girl, is the Poetry Friday treat from Miss Erin

How about some barbeque poetry? Julie Reinhardt, author and BBQ-er, offers up a tasty 'Q poem called Eck. I Don't Inject. at She-Smoke.

I'll keep updating as more comments come in. Feel free to leave your link below!

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Tabatha said...

I like your new poem, Greg! Very original. :-)

Janet said...

Yes. Poor Thursday, always in Friday's shadow.

Thank you for hosting today. I have a review of Elizabeth Spires' 'The Mouse of Amherst,' a children's introduction to Emily Dickinson:

Julie said...

You've gotta remember, Greg, that today might not be tomorrow, but tomorrow is Friday the 13th!!

Thanks for hosting the Poetry Friday Round-Up - I have an original rictameter poem (thank you, Tricia) over at The Drift Record

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Thanks for doing the roundup Greg! I am jumping today with one about Swine Flu & Asthma.

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Thanks for hosting, Greg. I'm revisiting an ongoing series of original poems and wondering if they constitute a new form, perhaps called the

laurasalas said...

Hey Greg--thanks for jumping in to host!

I have a "Shoal of Sharks" by Richard O'Connell and "Bear Attack" by me, both at

And we've got the 15 Words or Less Poems at Anyone can play.

Poor Thursday the 12th. Next time I'll pay more attention:>)

tanita✿davis said...

Alas for the 12th! We'll have to give it some kind of honorary status...

I'm up, with an old poem celebrating the cold, misty days of November, one of the few unrelated to Thanksgiving.

Thanks for stepping up to host.

Liz in Ink said...

Hey Greg... awesome original, as usual...

I'm featuring Susan Taylor Brown's Hugging the Rock today...

Diane Mayr said...

Hi again! I had the wrong date on my Random Noodling post earlier, but it's up now with "On Carpaccio's Picture" by Amy Lowell.
Until I read your lament, I hadn't realized that today was Friday the 13th! I'm oblivious!

Tricia said...

Hi Greg,

Glad to have you in the hosting fold!
My post today is a poem called Sifting in the Afternoon by Malachai Black.

You'll also find the results of this week's poetry stretch, which was to write in the form of rictameter.

Sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sara said...

"a baby who's never been kissed" Hee. Poor, poor Today. :)

Thank you for stepping up to host, Greg! I'm in today with a poem that's a good antidote to all the NOs I have to say to myself in revision: God Says Yes to Me.

Linda said...

Hi Greg, thanks for hosting. I have a review of Heaven Looks A Lot Like the Mall, over at

Shelf Elf said...

Hello! Thanks for being our host today. Here's one from me by Carl Sandburg, "Choose":

Carmela Martino said...

Fun poem, Greg. And thanks for hosting.

Today at, April Halprin Wayland serves up an original humorous poem about food, along with a related "Writing Workout." See

jama said...

Love your poem, Greg. And here's a *kiss* for Thursday the 12th!

I've got a review of TOFU QUILT by Ching Yeung Russell at alphabet soup:

Thanks for hosting and have a good weekend :)!

Thomas said...

I totally love it.
Really make my day.
How did u get ur inspiration?

Melissa said...

I love your poem!! And I'm cracking up because I had an exchange with someone yesterday where I wished him a "Happy Thursday!" and he said, "The best thing about Thursday is that it's almost Friday-the weekend!" Not to mention that I kept calling yesterday "Friday..." Poor Thursday. It needed its own poem!

On the Shelf said...

I'm going to have to share your poem with my daughter--this past Thursday the 12th was her birthday!

Author Amok said...

"Paint Me a Poem" -- poems inspired by masterpieces of the National Gallery of Art -- was just reissued. I have an interview with the author, children's poet Justine Rowden.

MotherReader said...

MotherReader may have stretched the limits of Poetry Friday again, but I make no apologies. I'm sharing some thoughts on the year, along with a video, and song lyrics as poetry - because they feel like the right kind of poetry to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,
A review here of a poetry/nonfiction book here:
and a rictameter here:
Congrats on hosting for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting, Greg. I just came across the site PoetrySpeaks when I joined Twitter this week. Maybe I'm late to discovering it (PoetrySpeaks, that is; I know I'm pokey on the social media), and I still have to give it more than a cursory look, but I thought an intriguing one to know about for those interested in sharing/hearing poetry. I'm at

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg, a Haiku reply just for you, from me (Amy Thomas)

What is in a name?
Just four letter, yet you
Made exclamation!


Hi Greg! Thanks for hosting today!

ON WRITING: A Mini-Lecture

Ruth said...

Here's mine:


Thanks for hosting!

Sylvia Vardell said...

I love your Thursday poem! What a hoot! And I'm in today with a bit about Lee Bennett Hopkins...

Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

I posted about Justine Rowden's Paint Me a Poem today, too -- I updated my post after seeing Laura's! Thanks for hosting today, Greg.

Erin said...

I'm in with an original poem:

Thanks for hosting the roundup :)

Julie Reinhardt said...

Thank you for hosting! I'm featuring "Barbecue Poetry" today on the blog, plus discussing Amy Wilson Sanger's board book, "A Little Bit of Soul Food".

Mary Lee said...

Poor Thursday the 12th. Now it's not even today, it's yesterday!!!


Thanks for rounding up. It's fun, isn't it, to see what folks choose and how the poems seem to talk to each other?

jon said...

Great poem Greg! And thanks for all the links, Poetry Friday-ers.


Greg Pincus said...

Thanks for all the links and comments, y'all. And Thursday called. It appreciates the nice words... and hopes you'll remember them the next time it rolls around!