Monday, November 30, 2009

Cards and Letters - send 'em thataway

I know I've mentioned SCBWI and Lin Oliver, one of the organization's founders and still chief honchos, in these parts before. I'm a big fan of SCBWI and grateful for all the help I've gotten from it and its many members.

I'm also a "fan" of Lin herself, who's always been warn and welcoming to me, including bringing me into SCBWI when we initially met on a completely different topic.

I know many others reading hereabouts have met Lin or are part of SCBWI, so beyond passing on the news that Lin is recovering from a double bypass/valve replacement surgery, I wanted to encourage everyone to send her cards and letters via the SCBWI main office:

SCBWI, 8271 Beverly Blvd, L.A., CA 90048 (address 'em to Lin, natch)

I know I'll be writing, and I hope many of you will, too.

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