Thursday, November 05, 2009


Seeing the Sesame Street characters on Google this week made me flash back to one of my earliest memories. Through the haze of time, I no longer know if it was kindergarten or first grade, but I do remember clearly that the school bus driver did NOT arrive after-school... and the small handful of kids on my route sat around waiting, worrying that if the bus was much later, we'd arrive home too late to watch Sesame Street.

Such were the worries we had back then - and they were worries, I still recall.

The principal drove the bus, eventually. I missed half of Sesame Street.

And I lived to tell the tale!


Jen Robinson said...

That is a great story, Greg!

Write2ignite said...

love this! I remember not wanting to miss the special tv shows on Sunday nights. Sometimes I secretly prayed that the pastor would hurry up and puncuate his Sunday evening sermon with an "AMEN!" so we could scoot home and not miss the show! :)