Friday, June 19, 2009

The Return of the Search Fib

It's been a lonnnng time since I posted a Search Fib - wherein I create a Fib from the search terms that have led people to my blog from a rather staggering assortment of search engines. But today, the muse struck... mostly because of the search that turned into the last line of the poem. And so, with no further ado:

Search Fib (Untitled)

Fib Day
Last week school!
Poem: really bad
Poetry for my bestest dad

Bestest, indeed! And while I wish a happy almost Father's Day to all you good, better, and bestest dads out there, I note that it's still Friday, and that means Poetry Friday is here. So head on over and check out the roundup of posts over at Carol's Corner. You'll find some great stuff if you go poking around... though probably nothing else quite like the Search Fib :-)


Mary Lee said...

Happy Fathers Day to you and all the Poetry Friday dads out there! (And thanks for the inspiration to do something creative with our stats!)

david elzey said...

"poem: really bad" as a search term leads to you? impossible! i say you put the fib in this fib!

good on ya this father's day weekend!

Greg Pincus said...

I didn't fib, David. When "poem" is first in a search query, some rather interesting strings of words get to me. Also, some search terms come from really local searches (e-mail boxes) it seems, and some of those are utterly bizarre. I thought the colon in that particular search was a nice touch.

Julie said...

What a neat idea, to use search terms for your inspiration.

Congratulations to the dads among us. My husband is both dad and teacher, today's his last day before summer vacation, and I know that he would definitely include the exclamation mark someone used after "Last week school!" (or maybe that bit of punctuation was yours, Greg?)He's feeling like our Father's Day party will be a celebration of "School's Out!" this year.

[P.S. I couldn't get your link to work over at Carol's Corner....?]