Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Go say "hi!"

Today I had a slightly paranoid moment, I must admit. Just a flash. But at first glance, I thought the email in my inbox said "Arthur A. Levine is following you." My editor? Wha???? He's onto me! Ah, but wait... the full subject line said "on Twitter" at the end.

Ahhhh. I get it!

So if you're on Twitter, why not head on out and start following @AALBooks? And if you're not on Twitter... well... maybe come join us!

And if you're in the traveling mood, there's been some great conversation over at Read Roger lately. If you're a blogging book reviewer or author or illustrator or editor or anyone interested in how the online world is challenging (or not) the print world in terms of reviews, criticism and marketing, the come jump on into the conversation (the posts Blogs and Buzz and "The fanboys can be merciless." being two current hot-spots).

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