Friday, June 26, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer Wherefore Art Thou?

Oh, sure... I'll kick back and take it easy. I'll write and relax this summer. Yeah... well... as you can tell by the fact that I don't have a Poetry Friday post up, there was no kicking back and just relaxing. It's all good, though, particularly since part of the day involved going to a hole in the wall donut joint I'd never been to before. Yum.

Here's another person who's not kicking back this summer - my friend Cynthea Liu who's celebrating the luanch ofher book Paris Pan Takes the Dare by hosting an auction full of critiques and the like to benefit a Title I school in Oklahoma. There are critiques from editors and authors and agents... and you can do some good, too.

I hope you'll head over and check out Cynthea's auction (with other ways to help out, too!).

No laziness this weekend for me, but no more donuts, either. Don't worry... I'll survive!

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