Monday, June 15, 2009

Books! Books! Books!!!!!!

I haven't spoken as much this year about my volunteer school library gig, in no small part because I took a sorta-hiatus from the day-to-day of being the librarian. I miss the almost-daily readalouds but have enjoyed having solid blocks of time to work. The library is in fine hands... but it's not like I've disappeared totally!

Unfortunately, one of the challenges of running a library with no budget is that it's mighty hard to get new (as in recently released) books on the shelves. We've worked hard to make the library a place the kids love coming to, and it really helps being able to have, say, the Lightning Thief books or the Clementine books or or or hundreds and hundreds more. This is the area I keep working on, and I have to say that considering the budget, we've done more than okay. How? Because...

My secret weapon has been you, my online friends.

Thanks to each and every one of you who has sent books my school's way. Seriously - like major, major thanks. This year, I want to offer up a really super-duper big hat tip to Amanda at A Patchwork of Books and author-illustrator Antoinette Portis for particularly big piles o' book donations. But each one of you - reviewers, authors, illustrators, publishers, friends, bloggers, readers - who has gotten me even one book has made a difference for us. And kids love our library.

If any of you are ever in L.A. and want to see what you've helped create, please let me know, and I'll see if I can bring you by at least one of the two libraries we've got running. And once again "thanks!" on behalf of all the students, teachers, and parents at the school. The generosity of book lovers never ceases to amaze....


Terry Doherty said...

Guess the good ol' US Postal Service didn't find those boxes of missing books! I may have more for you this fall.

Greg Pincus said...

The final box never did show up, Terry, but our school owes the Reading Tub a huge thanks for the boxes that did. Yours was the first contribution of this school year, and I saw "your" books checked out all year long!

And we'll happily be here if you have more at any point!

Thanks, indeed!