Tuesday, March 31, 2009


There’s no question I’m excited about 30 Poets/30 Days kicking off tomorrow along with National Poetry Month. And there’s also no question I’m excited about using Twitter as a way for us fans of poetry (and children’s literature) to find each other and have fun talking about what we love… and maybe broaden our community to include others who love what we love. They’re out there on Twitter -- I’m sure of it.

I posted before about using the #poetry and #kidlit hashtags so we can all find each other and others can find us. Now here are some poetry specific ideas about what to tweet about, just in case you want to jump in:

Tweet a link to any National Poetry Month event or news story… to your favorite poet’s website… to a blog where people are talking about poetry.

Tweet short poetry – create Twitter verse for the Twitterverse! Haiku, Fibs, tetractys all should fit fine, and #haiku is already being used. Maybe #poetwee should be the catch all?

Find poetry lovers on Twitter and re-tweet their tweets of interest.

Tweet about poets you love… and why. Create a conversation!

The goal here is to have fun, with us all tweeting about what we’re passionate about. For me that includes #kidlit and #poetry. Will I be tweeting about 30 Poets/30 Days? Of course! But I’m looking forward to much, much more than that.

Here’s a link to a search of everyone talking #poetry and #kidlit on Twitter. You can modify the search to find one or the other… or whatever else you’re interested in. Have fun… and hope to see you there!

You can follow me on Twitter at@GottaBook or follow @30poets30days for a purer #poetry experience.


jon said...

If you're not sure what to tweet, we've got several examples up on the Book Promotion Wiki's Tweeting Points page. For example:

Children's poetry book reviews for National Poetry Month from SF Chronicle - http://tinyurl.com/ca6df6 #kidlit #poetry

The strange-looking link is a "shortened" URL which saves valuable characters. To create one for any URL, you can use http://tinyurl.com, http://is.gd, or a bunch of other sites.

More examples here!


Marinela said...

Great ideas!

Tricia said...

So here's a question. My blog posts automatically post to Twitter. Is there a way to add the hasmark tag? Or do I need to write a separate tweet to post my poetry entries?

Hurray it's finally here!

jon said...

That's a great question, Tricia .. the answer's probably yes but I'm not sure of the details. What blogging software do you use -- blogger, wordpress, something else?