Friday, March 20, 2009

The Best Concert Ever -- a music poem/an orchestra poem/a poem about instruments

Gregory K.

A violin told knock-knock jokes.
A trumpet made a pun.
A French horn told some riddles that were really goofy fun.

The timpani and xylophone
Made lots of silly faces.
A tuba and a piccolo decided to switch places.

A double bass got lots of laughs
By standing upside down.
Every last viola had been dressed up like a clown.

The instruments played forte soft.
They played piano loud.
The woodwinds all threw whipped cream pies directly at the crowd.

I haven’t laughed this heartily
Since I can’t tell you when.
I sure can’t wait ‘til I can hear this Symfunny again.

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And I'll see you back here on Monday when I stop teasing and finally say what's going to be happening at GottaBook during April for National Poetry Month. Did I mention I'm excited? Good. Because that's the truth!


BookChook said...

Loved it!

Julie said...

That's delightful - well done!

susan said...

How long now have you said you'll stop teasing? lol

tanita✿davis said...

This is so much fun! You could make this a picture book and teach musical notations. How cool.

Anonymous said...

What fun!! Seriously enjoyed this. Ha. Jacqueline.

jama said...

Bravo!! *standing ovation*
How I love the symfunny :D!

Kelly Polark said...

Symfunny! Cute!

Mary Lee said...


Move over Benjamin Britten!!

Anonymous said...


Jessica McQuillen said...

I really like this poem. I have one question though, what do you mean forte soft and piano loud, isn't that the opposite of the truth? Or are you making fun?

Greg Pincus said...

Hi, Jessica - I am, in fact, making fun. The idea is that the instruments were doing things they NEVER would - throwing pies and playing notation incorrectly. So, it is the opposite... and that's why it was the best concert ever!