Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A hippo in the classroom!

Well, not exactly. Instead, what about poet Kenn Nesbitt in your classroom, virtually? In celebration of the release of his new book My Hippo Has the Hiccups, Kenn is offering up a free 30 minute web-based visit for any group that purchases 10 or more copies of his book. I did the math. That's a deal, indeed.

I want to add, by the way, that Kenn Nesbitt is actually one of the main reasons I blog. When I first knew I was gonna have an "online presence," I started thinking about what I might want to do. I thought of building a website with my poetry and links and information and... well, Kenn's already done that at Poetry4Kids, and I wasn't gonna be able to do it as well, let alone better. There is a soooo much funny stuff on his site AND so much great information, too. So, I sulked for awhile then eventually started blogging instead. And I'm glad I did, of course! But sometimes I have site envy :-)

Anyway, I really think you should check out Kenn's offer and book and site. And, as a further tease to a prior tease... I should mention that Kenn Nesbitt will be part of the (I think very) exciting April here at GottaBook. Ooooooh. How? Why? When? Patience. Patience. No get thee hence.

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Kelly Polark said...

I enjoy Kenn's website as well!
Looks like a great book!