Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Perfect Pillow -- a sleeping and dreaming poem

Gregory K.

I have a perfect pillow, and I use it every night.
The moment I lay down on it, I’m out just like a light.
It’s not too soft and not too firm. It’s not too high or low.
It doesn’t have a hollow where my head is forced to go.
It lets me snooze and deeply doze. I sleep the whole night through...
But the reason it’s so perfect is it makes my dreams come true.

(I'm posting an original poem-a-day through April in celebration of National Poetry Month. Links to this and other poems here on GottaBook (and there are lots of others, because poetry is NOT just for April) are collected over on the right of the blog under the headline "The Poems".)


Anonymous said...

I want that pillow!

Anonymous said...

I want that pillow 2 !!
Its a brilliant poem !!
You should start writing songs...
It would be brillaint to her another 1 of ur poems/songs !!

kirarameow said...

I love the poem,
you are a brilliant poet.

Anonymous said...

u rock ... plus i want that pillow