Friday, April 27, 2007

How I Save Money -- a money poem and a saving poem

Gregory K.

My parents always tell me “Saving money is the key!”
So I’ve figured out a lot of ways that saving works for me.

Today, in fact, I saved a dollar eight from being sad --
I used it for some candy, and I know that made it glad.

Last week, I saw some quarters in a fountain at the mall…
So I saved them all from drowning (then they bought a basketball).

My allowance funds get lonely, but I save them if I spend ‘em,
And I get them into registers where lots of bills befriend ‘em.

And just the other day I bought … well… I don’t know what you call it,
But I saved two twenty dollar bills from rotting in dad’s wallet.

I know a lot of other tricks, but I don’t want to bore you…
Instead just send me all your cash. I’ll gladly save it for you!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Very clever. Glad to have run into your blog this month! -- B.F.

Lisa Yee said...

You are so kind to money.

JoanneMarie Faust said...

Bravo! Don't make us wait until next April. Keep them coming, please!

Greg Pincus said...

You are right, Lisa. I'm very kind. In fact, tell all the money you know just how kind I am....

And thanks, two anonymous people!

Oh, and piksea... there'll be other poems all year, just not daily!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the poem and my kids save money the exact same way..

Dave Drew said...

I like that. I've never heard of a money saving poem. Very nice. I wish my parents had taught me how to save money early on. They were good with money, but I didn't get it until I was 37. It's been a tough road. Thank you for this poem.

Dave Drew
Money Saving Author

Anonymous said...

i love your poem it enspires me to write some more from lelethu bhinana