Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Excuse Me While I Paint the Sky -- a painting poem

Gregory K.

I do not like the sky today.
It’s got a greyish hue.
I guess I’ll get my paint brush out
And turn it back to blue.

I think my paint’s the perfect shade
To make a gorgeous sky.
Now I’m not sure my brush can reach...
But still I gotta try.

(I'm posting an original poem-a-day through April in celebration of National Poetry Month. Links to this and other poems here on GottaBook (and there are lots of others, because poetry is NOT just for April) are collected over on the right of the blog under the headline "The Poems".)

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Anonymous said...

Did the inspiration for the title come from Hendricks's song about kissing the sky (or, if you mishear it, about kissing this guy?)

Greg Pincus said...

The poem wasn't inspired by Hendrix, but the title certainly was. Later, I'll do my Creedence Clearwater Revival inspired poem "There's a Bathroom on the Right."

Rita said...

Great poem again. As always.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the CCR poem.

katedid said...

CCRevivalist taking your poetry into the Artweek classroom this week - unilaterally decided that next week is therefore wild music week - there's a bad Mum on the rise.