Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Fraction Store -- a math poem

Gregory K.

I bought a quarter pound of eighths.
I bought an ounce of thirds.
I filled a bag with seventeenths that I will feed the birds.

I found a ninth of thirty-eighths.
I grabbed a single half.
The sixths and fifths were one-fourth off, and that caused me to laugh.

As I prepared to pay my bill,
Well, that’s when things got strange.
Although they’re selling fractions there, they cannot figure change.

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Anonymous said...

I liked the first half, and I loved the second half!

Anonymous said...

the poem is great... i really love Math... i admire your work!

Anonymous said...

i love the first poem and i thank so much, for your poem has helped me with a project and now i got an A!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this poem is awesome it's hard to understand (only because i'm not good aat fractions)and i have to turn in a math poem and since this poem is awesome i'll probably get an A anyways if i get an A i'll post it on here and tell you. THANK YOU !!!!:):):)

Anonymous said...

i like this one and i'm probably going to get an A and if i do i'll tell you AND IF I ALREADY POSTED THIS SORRY MY COMPUTER MESSED UP:( THANK YOU!!!:):):)