Friday, November 24, 2006


Food is disappearing around these parts at an alarming rate, much of it into my own stomach so I can do my imitation of last night's turkey. On the upside, I have it on good authority that because I turned in a draft of my book, the food is all non-caloric, so I am taking advantage of the situation in a big way.

Like many out there, I'm on semi-vacation for Thanksgiving. And it's great. The burn out factor was high for me -- higher than I realized -- and I'm trying to make up for that with NO writing and basically NO websurfing. Really, it more boils down to no sitting other than for meal times. So I'm missing Poetry Friday, I'm missing out on conversations on my favorite blogs, and I'm looking forward to catching up next week. But for now, I gotta eat some calorie free pecan pie because it's calling my name. Can you hear it?

I knew it! It's not just me!

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