Friday, November 17, 2006

Let's Go Play -- a football poem

Yes, more sports poetry in Fib form here on my Poetry Friday entry (this week's links collected by Susan). This time it's football poetry... stemming from my love of a sport I played alllll the time as a kid until everyone suddenly was much, much bigger than me. Line three would be out for me nowadays, but otherwise...

Gregory K.

It's all good.
Whatever the name,
It’s football! Let's go play a game!

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Tabitha Dial said...

Very nice, Gregory.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

jk just kidding i loved your poem

Anonymous said...

get on m8 dat is a class poem come up wid some more and i will love u

Anonymous said...

that was very good!!!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED IT KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

that was boring and horible

Anonymous said...

it was ok i think you should make it longer

Anonymous said...

i really like this poem im going to present it in front of my class of course with your name on it

keep writing i love your style

Anonymous said...

i like this so much i shared this with my class.

Anonymous said...

keep it up greg!!!!!!!!!