Friday, November 03, 2006

Getting Ready -- A Hockey Poem

Sports poetry keeps on popping up here at GottaBook, in this case with me adding to the world's collection of hockey poems (in Fib form). What can I say? I love sports almost as much as I love food, so expect to see more poems on both topics as time goes on. You have been warned. Happy Poetry Friday (with links collected at Big A little a)....

Gregory K.

Face mask.
All I ask...
By all that's holy,
Survive my first game as goalie.

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Anonymous said...

The world needs more hockey poems.

Anonymous said...

Glad we now have a hockey Fib...Unfortunately, neither of my two hockey-mad grandsons has ever played goalie...and not sure they would appreciate it. Son-in-law a great goalie...but suspect he wouldn't be able to remember, at this point, his first game as goalie..

Anonymous said...

K. ...
Sorry !
My Big Red
too much for your Brown.
Cayuga's hockey far ahead !!

{ ;=) }>===

Nancy said...

Greg, that's a good one!

Becky said...

Perfect timing! The kids went skating yesterday morning for the first time on the new pond, using my boots for the goal posts -- not a problem since I was indoors drinking my coffee and checking through Bloglines.

When they finally came in, I warmed them up with hot chocolate, muffins, and your poem, which had a very receptive audience :) And they -- especially my 7-year-old son -- hope you mean it about more sports poems.

Anonymous said...

ill use this as a prayer

Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful poem