Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Duck season! Busy season!

It's busy time here in GottaBook land. Approaching holiday seasons haven't even made their impact felt, but I am utterly, totally treading water... and I admit to kinda liking that. Why? Well, it's largely work-ish stuff, including the final stretch on the first draft of 14 Fabulous Fibs!!!! (You can tell it's a first draft because I can't tell you how many Fibs are in it at the moment.) To say I'm excited and nervous about finishing the draft would be a pretty fair assessment. To say at moments I'm terrified and at moments I'm overjoyed would also be fair. To say that I wish the rest of life would stop so that I could focus exclusively on Fibbery would be VERY fair. But alas, that's not to be. Or maybe that's not so alas, really, as it would be mighty dull around here if it were the case.

So, as I lean on my diet rich in the antioxidants found in coffee and chocolate, get ready here on the blog for some Oddaptation action, some poetry, some random musings, and some reminders to go vote at the Cybils. But now, I gotta book and write a book!

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SilberBook-Blog said...

I forgot that my addictions are actually antioxidants, which, makes them healthy for me. which means i can indulge even more!

With the home stretch in sight the adrenaline must be kicking in full steam - unless of course that jittery feeling is the "antioxidants' instead...

Happy writing.