Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Overnights Perspective

No, it's not a typo with the "s" at the end of overnights in the title line. We're talking TV ratings here (much as, I say self-reflexively, characters in the Diff'rent Strokes extravaganza talked about overnight ratings). Basically, "overnights" are the preliminary rankings based on a smaller sample set than the overall Nielsen sample set... but the projection made off the number is usually highly accurate. Let's just say that the Strokes movie didn't do well. OK, fine... it got clobbered by pretty much everything on TV Monday night.

But here's where perspective is valuable. Despite being a mere blip in the ratings, Diff'rent Strokes was watched by over four million people.

May all my writing friends (and me!) write books that reach that same audience!


Lisa Yee said...


I watched the show and looked for you name at the end. But the credits went by so fast and were squished cheer when you appeared.

Greg Pincus said...

You can watch the squished credits til you have a headache, but you won't see my name. Writers actually get credit at the FRONT of the movie (next to last credit in TV movies, directly before the director).

I will not make you start over, however. Simply pretend you saw it and forgot by the end since you were so devastated by the flick.

Lisa Yee said...

My post didn't make sense, did it?

I meant to write, " . . . were squished so I could not cheer when you appeared."

However, to atone for that, and for missing the opening credits, be it known that I am cheering for you now.

Disco Mermaids said...

I saw your name, I cheered for you! No squishing involved! (If you go back and read Lisa's first comment out loud, it's very funny!)
Seriously, it was great. Evie wanted us to watch it together, but I couldn't help but take a peek! You were so respectful of their lives and it was handled so professionally.
Well done!