Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Egg frying hot.

A fine time to be leaving town -- it's a heat wave!

I have ambitious goals for traveltime, such as it is. There's work. There's a picture book manuscript I think I can finally tame. There's poetry to be writ. And, of course, there's downtime. If I have to pick one... it's the latter, so we'll see what happens. The lack of net connection (barring, of course, borrowable wireless signals) will either make me more productive or prove my addiction once and for all and send me to online anonymous upon my return. Though, of course, then I'll be back online so I really won't need 'em!

Happy 4th o' July to all (and a belated Canada Day to all y'all up north....)


Lisa Yee said...

Go fourth and write.

Becky said...

Darn. Just as I have a chance to catch up on my blog reading (mainly because during the summer on the farm, here in the land of dial-up) we *don't* go anywhere!), you're leaving. Well, I have lots of old posts to catch up with.

Have a wonderful vacation, Greg, and many thanks for the holiday (both of them) wishes!