Thursday, December 21, 2006

Searching for seasonal thoughts

Once again, as at many other times of the year, I wish I had the ability to contact folks whose searches lead them to GottaBook. But since I can't, I'd like to share a few seasonal replies right here (for them and for you).

1) No, you're never going to see a grinch in the wild
2) There are no grinches in any zoos in the US
3) Dr. Seuss not Dr. Spock

On a more useful-to-all level, MotherReader cam up with 21 Ways to Give a Book this holiday season (and if you read her blog, you'll find 21 MORE ways, too). Very helpful for those of us not as well equipped in the thinking-of-gifts department.

Thanks to all for the fun suggestions in the post below. If you check the comments of that post and link back to some of the commentors own blogs, you'll see even more suggested gifts. Good stuff, I say with probably a tad of bias....

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