Sunday, July 23, 2006

Time (pt. 2)

I am pleased to report that flying cross-country (including a layover and change of planes) took less time than the last flying experience on the GottaVacation. A relief, indeed... though returning home to record temperatures wasn't exactly the plan. Still, the last few days brought more lessons in "time" and how it is a sliding scale, no matter what science and clocks have to say about it.

Today is the post-vacation maintenence day around here which will prove that time ticks slowly as there will be nothing particularly fun or pleasant going on (other than iced coffee a little later!). And tomorrow returns me to full-on work on two fronts: 14 Fabulous Fibs writing and library packing. Guess which one I'd rather do. This will also be a lesson in time-speeds, believe me.

Other things in the near future? A Carnival of Children's literature due later today, time to read all my favorite blogs (and discover new ones), and a desk that honestly, genuinely needs to be cleaned. No, really. I mean that.

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